Sewing Myths Debunked

I never know how to respond to comments saying “I can’t sew” etc. If all the spotty-faced 13 year old boys in by high school Home Economics class you sew a somewhat wearable T-shirt, in my opinion anyone with a few hours and a bit of patience can sew.

Deborah from Whipstitch Fabrics has put together a great post debunking the myths of sewing over at Simply Modern Mom. The full article is here, but a couple of quotes really struck home with me:

We are the product of a sometimes subtle, sometimes overt message that crafting and sewing were ways to repress women and prevent them from achieving success in other realms of life. Also that domestic creation was inferior to corporate creation.

To me, sewing, cooking and other crafts were something that women who could have been engineers did when they were unable to be engineers. I love making stuff, and I’m actually happier sewing and crafting at home because I chose the projects and create items for my family and friends. Working as an engineer, I was making for other people at the direction of other people – not really as satisfying!

Do I need to make every stitch of clothing my family owns because we live on the prairie and the General Store over in Mankato doesn’t sell RocaWear? No. Do I need to make the linens for my home because they are so pricey that they are beyond the reach of all but the wealthiest citizens of fair Verona? No. But I do need to look in my closet and see a reflection there of who I am and who I want to be.

There is definitely a feeling of satisfaction when you make an item of clothing that fits perfectly, that you just can’t find in the stores (although I have put quite a few of my clothes sewing projects in the Goodwill bin because they were too big/too small/ too big and too small!).  I love it when my husband smiles as he puts on his “pyjamas made with love”, or when my son toddles about in his one-of-a-kind pants. It’s a gift to them that keeps giving back to me!

What motivates you to sew? What’s stopping you from giving it a go if you don’t? I’d love to read your comments.


  1. I REALLY really want to learn. Really bad. lol I see all of these beautiful things that people make. I’m just terrified of what I would do with a sewing machine. lol I suppose I should just start out by hand. I can sew on a button, and that’s about it!

  2. I really want to sew, but I think I am scared of my machine and how angry it makes me. I keep telling myself that one day when I have more time and more space I will sew a lot. For now I mostly hand sew because it is relaxing.

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  4. I sew for fun…if it is not fun i don’t do it. Sewing for love is great too. Nothing like giving a baby blanket to a girlfriend who just had a baby.
    Happy new friend Friday. Following your blog, come follow mine.
    Gros Bisous

  5. How cool is that! Les halles are my favorite….Oh i miss the clothes shopping there. Did you ever eat at the Greek place with lamb sandwiches and fries in the sandwich down the street?…OH miss it.

  6. I know how to sew, and have made some basic things with straight lines… I would like to do more. The thing I haven’t quite got the hang of yet is fabric-shopping, and imagining how this or that fabric will look once it’s transformed into clothing.

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