Peppa Pig Applique – Kids Clothes Week Day 1

Kids Clothes Week is on again – the fun challenge to sew kids clothes for an hour each day for seven days. This time around, I’ve had a dilemma. My kids don’t really need more clothes. They are both on the skinny side and their waist measurements haven’t changed much since last summer. All their […]

Geometric T-Shirt

Next up for Boy’s Own Style month is a quick T-shirt up-cycle. As with Stacey’s colour-blocked T-shirts yesterday, simplicity works well with boy’s clothing. So I took a plain red T-shirt (with my strawberry-blonde hair, I can’t wear most shades of red, so I love putting it on my white-blonde kids!): I cut out some […]

Planes, Trains and Automobiles Applique

If I had to describe having two kids under two in one word it would be: relentless! It feels like someone is always crying, wanting to be fed, needing a nappy change, wanting a cuddle… I don’t think I’ll be going for 3 under 3! But somehow, I’ve got two sleeping kids and a few […]

Big Boy Applique Quilt Cover

A couple of months before our beautiful bub arrived, we moved the Little Man into a big boy bed (actually, at the moment, it’s just a mattress on the floor as I was worried he’d fall out and I like that he can get in and out of bed by himself). Looking in the shops, […]